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About the Institute

The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies (JIIS) an independent, non-profit organization to bridge between the academic and the practical, was founded in 1978. It maintains a balance of highly qualified academics and practitioners, and provides a constant flow of relevant, accurate, and in-depth data, policy papers, and professional analyses for use by decision-makers, researchers, and the general public. Its studies serve as a valuable resource for a variety of governmental bodies, public institutions, and civil organizations.
Originally established at the initiative of Jerusalem's Mayor and President of the Jerusalem Foundation Teddy Kollek, the JIIS has remained totally independent and nonpartisan. Since 1981 it is mainly supported by the Charles H. Revson Foundation in New York, which supports many of its initiatives and major projects; it also has benefited from the support of a large number of private and public institutions, and works in cooperation with several government ministries.
The JIIS publishes approximately 20 books and reports each year, among them The Statistical Yearbook of Jerusalem, edited by Maya Choshen, which has become the main resource for data on the city.
The Jerusalem Institute is also a center for public events, running a busy schedule of approximately 60 conferences and seminars a year; many draw large audiences. The JIIS hosts visits, dedicated to briefings and updates about Jerusalem, with teams of experts meeting with visitors and in some cases conducting field trips to wrap up discussions. The JIIS web site is visited frequently by visitors around the globe, mostly by people interested in Jerusalem.

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