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Statistical Yearbook
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Statistical Yearbook

The Statistical Yearbook of Jerusalem 2011

This year marks the 25th edition of the Statistical Yearbook of Jerusalem. A collaboration between the Institute  and the Municipality of Jerusalem, the first Yearbook appeared in 1982. 

The Statistical Yearbook of Jerusalem presents an up-to-date picture of life in Jerusalem – in tables, graphs, maps and other statistics, covering a wide range of topics. It also shows changes and trends that have taken place over time, as well as offering a comparison between Jerusalem and Israel, Tel Aviv-Yafo and Haifa,
and the localities surrounding Jerusalem.

The Yearbook aims to serve those who create and set policy, planners in the government, municipal and private sectors, researchers and students, and indeed anyone interested in such data. This year, for the first time, many of the figures are based on the Population Census conducted in 2008 by the Central Bureau of

In addition to entire printed book, the online edition holds detailed data tables.

Statistical Areas Map


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